Hydraulic Power Pack


CHSI design and manufacturer hydraulic power packs & hydraulic power unit for many applications as industrial, construction, mobile applications, steel mill industries, steel foundary Works, machine tools applications ,agricultural and material handling equipments , lifting equipmennts etc.

Our Popular Applications Categories-

  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Powerpack For Machine Tools&CNC. Applications
  • Hydraulic Powerpack For Steel Foundary Works
  • Hydraulic Power unit for furnace Slide Gate Opening Closing
  • Hydraulic Powerpack For Mobile Applications & Construction
  • Hydraulic Powerpack For Grab
  • Hydraulic Mini Power Pack
  • Hydraulic power pack cartridge / slip in logic valve assembly

Ranges of power pack

  • reservoir cap.- 25 to 2000 ltrs
  • elect.motor / Deseal Engine cap.- 0.5 to 60 kw
  • Working pressure .- 10 to 700 bar.
  • Control pannel ;- PLC / RLC ,power type,- AC / DC .


Complete Hydraulic Solution India Supply Grab System for many Applications Like Scrap, Garbage, Soil etc